The Monastery St. John the Forerruner "Prodromos"

Nearby, 7 kilometers from Stemnitsa, down by the ravine of the river "Lousios" where Zeus used to bathe, one can find the holy monastery of St. John the Forerunner (Prodromos) built, according to some sources, around 1167, on the side of the mountain rock and it appears to be hanging there as an eagle's nest. Built in such an out-of-the way place it served as a hidden center of faith and education for the enslaved Greeks during the Turkocracy.

Since 1960 one can drive a car as near as 800 yards from the monastery. Later on roadways were built to make the monastery accessible from the neighboring villages of Dimitsana, and Ellinikon. This easy access to the monastery, some would say, has destroyed the essence of the monastery, that of being a place of silence for prayer. About 200 yards below the monastery, is the river Lousios with its roaring crystal clear waters. Near the monastery are the excavations of an ancient hospital built in honor of the god of medicine, Asklipeios.

At the end of this descending road there is a very deep ravine.
The Monastery is located about 500 ft. below, inside this ravine.
Further deep down roar the white waters of Lousios river.
This is the Chapel of St. Sotiros. From here one must walk, straight down the hill,
the rest of the distance to the monastery. In the front of the chapel two fountains offer cold water to the visitors.
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