The Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa

One can find a very impressive museum of Folk Art in Stemnitsa. Although it is now governed by a seven member committee it was primarily established through the tireless effort of Mr. John Savopoulos and his wife Irene, seen here during my video interview in August 1989 by the front entrance of the museum. A number of people from the village have volunteered in all aspects of its existence and operation.

The building was the gift of the Hanzis family. It has been vacant for many years. On the first floor one can find a room showing how candles were made. Another small area depicts a jeweler's workshop, a shoe repair shop, a copper tinning representation, etc. On its second floor there is a representation of the inside of a Stemnitsa house, having every room furnished as it was customary in the past. On the third floor is a very extensive selection with Byzantine icons, old costumes, copperware, guns, jewelry, etc.This museum was designed, as I was told, by the same artist who designed the famous museum in Athens the "Kythatheneon"

Mr. John Savopoulos with his wife Irene, August 1989.

Below, a small sample of the marvelous exhibits

[Savopoulos] [xwriatiko_spiti] [3rdfloor] [decanter]
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